Digital Printing Press

        • Quick and Easy Quotes !

        • Pixel Services offers a full Digital Printing and 
          Pre-Press service to the customer.

          Digital printing allows the production of customised 
          printed material.  

          It offers the great flexibility of short to medium print 
          runs on a very short turnaround delivery time, 
          including the possibility of a same day service due 
          to the versatility of the process.  

          This allows Pixel Services to offer a wide range of 
          printing solutions to its clients.

        • Pixel Perfect Printing

        • Pixel Services offer some of the widest ranges of      
          finishings from any digital printers. including 
          Stitching, Lamination (Matt/Gloss), Numbering, 
          laser Cutting, Hard Binding, Data Merging, Perfect           Binding and much more. 

          At Pixel Services you will find the perfect finish
          for your print job. 
        • The Difference is in the Detail

        • Pixel Services know that in today's fast paced 
          market if a business takes too long to get a price 
          quote into a potential customer's hands, that 
          business stands a greater chance of losing 
          that sale. 

          Email us today and we promise to get you 
          your quote as fast as possible.