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    • Pixel Services Ltd was set up early in 1993 by a young and energetic team who not only managed the 
      company, but also gave their direct input in its daily operations and also saw personally to their clients needs. Experience, commitment and know-how are the pillars upon which Pixel Services has laid its foundations.  

      Pixel Services has now been in operation for these past 20 years, building a solid reputation for itself and can today boast to being a well established Pre-Press and Digital company offering a complete and dedicated 
      service. The company's main asset are its staff complement who have brought with them years of experience in this field, thus ensuring that Pixel Services was well geared for the exigency of the market.

      Since its inception, the company has maintained a rigid quality control of all its output and has 
      endeavoured to concentrate more in terms of servicing the custom requirements of its clients and on a 
      quality oriented service. We believe in personal relationships with our customers. Thus, total control of all 
      jobs entrusted to the company is the direct responsibility of its managing owners.  This ensures that the
       best possible service, both time-wise and also where quality is concerned, is always maintained to the 
      highest standards.  Pixel Services Ltd has serviced some very well known companies and organizations 
      operating in diverse business sectors, always providing them with perfect quality material but most of all efficiency and punctuality.  

      However the company has not remained idle. It has continued to invest in its premises and also in the 
      latest technologies to ensure that the Pixel Services Ltd brand always remains on the forefront where 
      quality and excellence of service are concerned. 

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